Carol Gross

Carol Gross was a first-year guide with Crystalaire Adventures in 2018. She is certified in Wilderness First Aid and Lifeguarding. She’s from the nation’s second glove state and first cheese state with Milwaukee, WI as her home address. Currently she is finishing her college degrees in Geology & Geophysics and Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She’s hoping to learn more about contamination, conservation, restoration, and preservation of groundwater and overall water quality in the Midwest region. Carol would love to live in a world where everyone could not only tolerate but also participate in a riveting conversation about the history, chemistry, and physical properties of each rock and mineral found on the trail. However, she will settle with hot debates on burning questions such as: is a hotdog a sandwich, does a straw have two holes or just one, and/or what do you call the bottom of a pizza. Along with her interests in conversation and geology, she enjoys long runs outside, reading, and the occasional Netflix binge session.