Cal Goetz

Callum Goetz is a Wilderness First Responder and Lifeguard certified guide with Crystalaire. Though originally from mid-Michigan, he includes Lake Michigan, the Kancamagus highway in the White Mountains, birch-maple-hemlock communities, soccer fields, and anywhere his friends are as his homes. He is currently attempting to amend a fraught relationship with the Fritillary butterfly after once decapitating a specimen with the lid of a jar containing nail-polish remover, and perhaps his favorite birds to observe are sandhill cranes because of their grace and playfulness, and belted kingfishers because of their agility, romance, and fearsome hunting prowess. In addition to studying birds, bugs, and trees, he enjoys reading, drawing, R&B music, maple syrup, hummus, backpacking, smelling lilacs, lounging, daydreaming, paddle-boarding, and generally being outside. Callum is in his final year of education at Brown University, where he studies history and literature.