Need something different?

“Plan Your Custom Adventure” is our signature custom trip program, where we will work with you to plan a trip following your vision!

Collaborate with us and craft the trip of a lifetime! Custom trips require as much or as little involvement from you as you want. If you have a group and a goal, let us know and wewill start piecing together a proposal for you. These trips can range wildly – we are as excited to try new things as you are, so feel free to dream big. Our trip planning services are at your disposal!

This option is available for all types of groups, including school groups, summer camps, families, youth groups, clubs and organizations, or more. We offer a variety of options as described in our trip planning documents in the links below. We are also able to support groups of kids in fundraising and planning, coaching them through the process of raising funds and planning trips.

Email to start planning your own Crystalaire Adventure!