Camp Is Back! …And It’s More Important Than Ever Before

Summer is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome campers back to camp. At Camp Carvela, Camp Lookout, and Crystalaire Adventures, we’re committed to building connections to self, others, and the natural world. This year, it feels more important than ever before. After a year marked by stress and upheaval, we know our kids need time and space to unplug, play, and explore!

3 Reasons to Join us at Camp this Summer

1. We help kids unplug and reconnect

After a year+ of virtual learning, virtual hangouts, and virtual celebrations, we’re craving some face-to-face connection–how ‘bout you?

Unplugging from the virtual world allows kids to connect with each other in social, healthy, and emotionally-productive ways. We have no camp movie/video nights, electronic games, or computer labs. Instead, we engage campers in games and sports, special events, skits, dramatic, talent, and music activities that foster active, involved, and individual participation.

2. We prioritize playfulness

Play isn’t just fun and games–it’s how kids learn! We intentionally foster playfulness in our programs to create a welcoming environment where kids can express themselves openly and explore new ideas and activities with others. We create, sing, climb, cook, hike, perform, paddle, paint, run, swim, and build…but most of all, we have fun!

3. We foster independence, self-discovery, and self-expression

There’s no such thing as a “typical day” at our camps. There’s a fluidity to what we do, and days at camp vary as widely as the creativity and imagination of campers and staff allow. Our unique collaborative programming model fosters strong leadership skills and independence. It also gives kids the opportunity to create their own experience.

Ready to learn more? Join us at our virtual open house on February 9 or February 10 or register now for Camp Carvela, Camp Lookout, or Crystalaire Adventures.

We can’t wait to see you at camp!