2021 Trip: Pigeon River Country Backpacking/Fishing

June 27th-July 4th, Age 12-14

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The newest trip on this summer’s Crystalaire schedule is a hidden gem. It is the largest wilderness area in the lower peninsula. 1,100 head of elk, the largest herd east of the Mississippi, call this place home. It is also home to three Blue Ribbon trout streams- the Sturgeon River, the Black River and the Pigeon River. Earnest Hemingway grew up exploring these “Pine Barrens,” which we now called the Pigeon River Country. He called this area “wild as the devil,” and it inspired a number of his works, including the famous story “The Big Two Hearted” (he borrowed the name from another Michigan River presumably because, well, The Big Two Hearted is a pretty sweet name for a river).

In addition to all of that, the PRC is also the perfect destination for a Crystalaire Adventure: 

  • Vast wilderness less than two hours from our headquarters? 
    • Check. 
  • 23 miles of beautiful, well maintained backpacking trails with pre-established campsites? 
    • For sure. 
  • A place to learn off-trail navigation?Oh, only about 100,000 acres. Plus, it’s
    crisscrossed with old two tracks, making it dang near impossible to get lost for long.
  • Swimming spots to cool off after a long day’s hike? 
    • I already told you about the rivers, but have you ever heard of a sink lake!?
  • Fishing?
    • OH BABY WE’RE GONNA BE FISHING! (sorry, I got a little carried away there).

If that sounds good to you, then join us for our week-long fishing and backpacking trip from the PRC. We’ll spend the week hiking from river to river- on trail and off- exploring, camping and fishing!

Participants will have to bring their own fishing gear, but don’t worry if you don’t have any experience! We can help!

Questions? More info? Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more about it! (can’t you tell we’re pumped to talk about it!!)