2019 Trip: The Boundary Waters

July 7th-July 20th, 2019, Age 14-17

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We will arrive in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the evening of July 8th to commence this twelve day canoe voyage. As on any Crystalaire trip, the participants will work together to set an itinerary for the trip, but in the Boundary Waters, the options are particularly limitless. The BWCA is the largest remaining uncut forest in the eastern United States, with over 1,100 lakes and hundreds of miles of rivers and streams to choose from.

This trip will be hard work, as portaging canoes between bodies of water is unavoidable. However, no canoe experience is necessary. We will complete a canoe school at our headquarters on the first day of the trip (July 7th).

The geology, ecology and history of the area make it well worth challenge that the landscape presents. Participants will have the chance to see some of the oldest rocks in the world- Ely Greenstones that date 2.7 billion years. The wildlife is hard to beat- beavers and loons are abundant, and moose, wolves, black bear and bobcats make their homes in the area as well.

We are particularly excited about this trip because the boundary waters is the home of one of our favorite naturalists, Sigurd Olson. Olson’s cabin, which he named Listening Point, is located in the park and it inspired much of his writing and one of the more popular Crystalaire activities!

The Ojibwe have been canoeing these lakes and streams since long before Olson. This history is evidenced by two-thousand year-old pictographs, which we might be lucky enough to come across.

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