2019 Trip: Isle Royale

July 28th-August 10th, 2019, Ages 14-17

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We will arrive on Isle Royale on July 29th (after camping for a night near Houghton, Michigan), and will backpack from site to site until august 8th. Because of campsite regulations, we will have pre-reserved rather than walk-up sites, but the beauty of the island is well worth the sacrifice in flexibility!

Crystalaire has been linked to Isle Royale since our former director worked for the Wolves and Moose Isle Royale study in 2013. He spent the summer tracking wolves and moose around the island, which gave our program an intimate familiarity with the most secluded National Park in the U.S.

Isle Royale National Park is a pristine archipelago tucked along the shores of Northern Lake Superior.  Covering 893 square miles of jagged granite, forest, and dozens of trails to explore, Isle Royale has always lured adventurers willing to make the 6 hour ferry to reach her shores.  Moose and Loon alike make this island home, raising their young on the many idyllic inland lakes on the archipelago.  During the summer, fresh berries satiate tired hikers as they climb the peaks, searching for gorgeous views of the island, Lake Superior, and on clear days, the Canadian coast to the north.

The Isle Royale Wolf-Moose project is the longest running study of any predator-prey system in the world. Wolves first appeared on the island in 1948, supposedly by crossing the ice from Canada (although their genetic link to wolves from Northern Minnesota has caused some debate on this topic). Inbreeding has caused the initial population to dwindle in recent years. However, this fall the Parks Service began a reintroduction program to restore the balance of wolves and moose on the island. All that is to say it’s a very exciting time to visit Isle Royale!

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