2019 Trip: Big Island Lake Wilderness Canoeing

July 13th-July 27th, Age 14-16

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The summer we are reviving a Crystalaire Classic! We haven’t taken a group to Big Island Lake since 2005, so we’re really excited to get back there and explore the 23 lakes in this 5,000 acre wilderness area!

We will canoe, portage and camp for two weeks in this segment of the Hiawatha National Forest, considered to be Michigan’s mini boundary waters- but with way less traffic and world class fishing (if you’re so inclined!). Participants will chart their course from lake to lake, enjoying the pristine white birch, aspen and maple forests on the surrounding hillside. Hiking trails are scant so there will also be the chance to learn and practice orienteering skills!

We will enter the northwest corner of the Wilderness Area, and start our paddle on Big Island Lake (the area’s namesake). From there, the group will choose their path, with the possibility of getting as far as Byers Lake, in the Southwest corner of the forest. Two weeks gives us plenty of time to explore both on foot and in our canoes!

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