2018 Crystalaire Adventures Staff Trip in the Porkies


meet the new faces of Crystalaire Adventures 2018 


It’s that time of the year again when Crystalaire Adventures brings exciting participants into the wilderness to explore and learn as much as they can. However, before we could begin with our operations, a mandatory staff trip must be conducted to ensure our Crystalaire Adventures staff members are well prepared and trained for any situation.

The destination of choice for this wonderful staff trip was held at the porcupine mountains in Michigan Upper Peninsula. A group of six staff members, Charlie.B, Tanner.R, Carol.G, Sophie.K, Cal.G, Derik.N were present during this training. Although the goal of this trip was to ensure that all staff members were properly trained for the future. However, the purpose of this trip was also to ensure that everyone could work together as a team and to have as much fun as they could.

We began our journey by departing from Moosehall located in Camp Saki and took off for a seven-hour drive. During this journey, everyone bonded strongly with exciting stories and facts that they could think of. Besides that, everyone also worked together as a team to take the wheel and to drive us to safety. Although the distance was great, but the company provided in the van was greater.

Soon, the seven-hour drive quickly ended and everyone got to the porkies safely. A quick team briefing was then made by Charlie and Tanner, and soon we began to set up our comfortable tents. As a Crystalaire Adventure tradition, a high-class camping dinner was prepared and soon we went to bed to prepare for the following day.

*you probably want to know what happened during the trip. However, there was too MUCH! So here’s a quick summary of events that happened throughout the course of 2 days.

  • 30 miles of backpacking
  • Got to know each other more!
  • Baked the best camping bread ever
  • YOGA
  • Training on river crossings, bear situations, poop talks, and etc.
  • Witnessed a bear paw print in the middle of the trail
  • Sang a lot of songs!
  • Running in the woods to victory!

As everything must come to an end, our 30 mile battle in the muddy terrain ended too and everyone present on the trip had their goals accomplished by the end of the trip.


awesome bear paw spotted 


probably the greatest Crystalaire Adventures bread! made with love and care

Let the energy of this powerful river enter into your heart and soul – Tanner.R

The sweet escape